Aside from the currently operating Pre-Series Line, TVP Solar is setting up its first volume facility, the Reference Manufacturing Module (RMM). Both are located in Avellino, in southern Italy.


Pre-Series Manufacturing Line

Covering 800m2 of floor space with a nominal capacity of 1’000 m2/year, the Pre-Series line is ISO 9001:2008 certified and proves the TVP mass manufacturing concept.

The panels produced on the Pre-Series line are solely for testing requests and pilot field installations worldwide, with a primary focus on internal testing.


Reference Manufacturing Module

Covering 5,000 m2 and currently under construction, the RMM will begin production during Q4 2014 with a nominal capacity of 50,000 m2/shift/year.

The RMM will produce all TVP Solar products on the same line, with LT, MT and HT-Power being the first produced.