Currently in production, MT-Power is a revolutionary, high-end, flat high-vacuum solar thermal panel – an ideal energy source (100°C - 200°C) to drive cooling, desalination, and industrial process heat/steam machinery in commercial and industrial applications.

MT-Power is the only solar thermal collector tested and SolarKEYMARK certified to operate through 200°C. 

Key Features:
  • Embedded  return HTF flow under vacuum
  • Corrosion-proof all-metal casing
  • Materials qualified for long-lasting high-vacuum
  • Spot-Check™ visual high-vacuum verification
  • Lightweight for easy rooftop integration
  • 100% recyclable

Key Advantages vs. Concentrators:

  • Highest yearly average output: at least 30% more energy produced due to maximum diffuse light capture
  • Lowest cost per Watt(thermal)
  • Highest peak performance: 500 Wth/m² at 180°C (equivalent to >700Wcool); 650 Wth at 130°C
  • Zero maintenance: no need for precision cleaning and no serviceable mechanical parts
  • Superior design for solar fields: minimizes footprint and balance of system, as well as easing installation