Test Bench 


The Test Bench is a unique testing platform designed by TVP Solar for applications up to 200C, providing real-time solar panel efficiency data acquisition and analysis in local operating conditions. The system is self-contained, self-operating and fully automated.
Available in different sizes, the Test Bench can directly measure and compare TVP panels side-by-side with a wide variety of competing solar thermal collectors.

Test Bench Features include:



  • Fully Automated
  • Automatic, Daily Raw Data Delivery
  • Easily Transportable for Site-Specific Testing
     wheels included
  • Data Analysis
     available at variable irradiance
  • Uniquely Designed for Measurement Above 100°C
     below 100°C also possible
  • Automated Failsafe Systems
     system shutoff in case of failure
  • Fully Enclosed & Weather-Proof Data
    Acquisition System
  • Artificial Intelligence Controller
     system runs according to data required
  • Integrated Warning System
  • Live System Component Status
  • Automatically Pre-Calibrated
  • Web-Enabled Data Views
  • Support for Simultaneous Test of Multiple Panels
  • Web-Based Remote System Control